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The Tigercomb Chassis & Roller, the ultimate tool for maintaining a lush and healthy lawn. This innovative piece of equipment is designed to keep grass roots healthy and create strong grass stems, leading to a thicker and more resilient lawn. The roller feature allows for easy rolling after over seeding, ensuring that new grass seed takes hold and flourishes.


As an added bonus, the Tigercomb Roller creates an aesthetic finish, leaving your lawn looking perfectly manicured. Say goodbye to patchy, weak grass and hello to a vibrant, thriving lawn with the help of the Tigercomb Chassis & Roller.

Chassis & Roller

SKU: 200-103
Tax Included
Please allow up to six weeks for delivery
  • Overall width: 1220mm

    Working Width: 1000mm

    Weight: 68kg

    Material: Steel

  • Free Delivery Nationwide.

    Money Back Guarantee within 14 days if you are

    not satisfied with your Tigercomb.

    5 year warranty with all products.

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