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For many years the team at Tigercomb have been involved in horticulture and landscaping with an interest in all the natural world. Inspired by the impressive lifespan of trees, stones and steel we have designed our products with the ethos of longevity and consistency.

Tigercomb originated from designing and building our own prototype gravel rakes, aerators and rollers as we could not find what we needed currently on the market. These prototypes then grew in range and with the continued interest and admiration from gardeners and homeowners the Tigercomb has been developed.


Machinery and lawn care equipment from over 100 years ago still grace the corners and edges of long established lawns and gardens. With our  products we wish to pay tribute to these wonderful ornate and classics in ground care, by way of designing and manufacturing the Tigercomb to the same high standard, which will benefit our customers for many years to come.  


The journey is just beginning, and with the support of Enterprise Ireland we are delighted to travel forward in our exciting new adventure. 

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